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What it's aa Aboot

Thir Wabpages haes been set up for tae gie fowk a description o the Scots langage an its dialecks.

Whan we say a "description" o the Scots langage, we mean juist that: we'r no ettlin at prescribin ony parteeclar style, dialeck, sklent or orthography. Aa the same, a description whiles taks us on naitral tae possible prescriptions, sae we'v pitten twathree prescriptive guidelines intae appendices.

This wark is aye ongaun, an at the time o writin is scarce startit, sae ye'll finnd plenty things no mentioned yit that should be.

The Langage o the Site

We'r ettlin at writin thir pages in the "Stanart Langage" as set oot in the first pairt o the menu. Houanever, we canna ken juist what we mean bi that afore the wark's aa, sae we'r no tryin tae lat on that oor langage in thae pages is perfit. We dinna prescribe ony parteeclar orthography aither, sae the orthography we'r uizin here is gey raiglar, but no pretendin tae be authoritative.

What ye can Dae

Ae thing we'r efter is Correspondents for tae tak pairt in a ongaun survey o the dialecks o Scots. For tae be a Correspondent, ye maun:

  • spaek a dialeck o Scots as ye mither tongue (forby that, we ar interestit in haein Correspondents that spaeks nearhaun dialecks the likes o Geordie an Shetlandic);
  • be prepared tae fill oot email questionnaires anent pynts o dialeck whan we send ye them: for ornar we'll keep sic things short, juist spierin anent what we div need tae ken. We'll dae aathing we can tae mak the questionnaires aesy tae unnerstaun an fill oot.

Sneck here for tae become a Correspondent {tt: this link isna wirkin yit!}

Correspondent or no, onything ye want tae say anent the wark, ye can send tae the wabmaister at grammar@sandyfleemin.org, aither as plain text or HTML. Tak tent that the site is laid oot uizin stylesheets, sae it's better tae stick wi simple HTML tags (preferably XHTML) juist settin oot paragraphs, list elements an heids h1...h6. Gin ye'r in ony dout, juist send it as plain text.

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The content an design o the Scots Grammar pages is copyricht (c) Sandy Fleemin 2002. This notice will be rewritten tae gie due acknowledgement tae helpers, advisors an correspondents, ance the pages haes matured a bittie.